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Critical Successes

Critical Successes Using New Technology to Maximize Market Advantage


  • New food packaging technology, including retort pouches, rotary retorts for canning.

  • New toothpaste technology for cavity protection

  • Controlled atmosphere packaging for produce and meats

  • Fiber-optic technology for introduction of broadband services - high-speed data; digital video; IP telephony

  • Migration of enterprise software from client-server to web-based

  • Enterprise application deployment across networks

  • Online social network monitoring and listening

  • Alternative energy - solar, wind, fuel-cell

  • New drug delivery systems

  • Reverse osmosis based desalination

  • Video data mining

  • Speech recognition

  • Interactive entertainment

  • Educational software

  • Online social networks

  • Automated diagnostic systems

  • Big data analysis for fraud, money laundering and insurance claims

  • and more


An Unequaled Record of Successful Innovation 

1973 - launch of Crest toothpaste in the UK
1973 - launch of Madame Parmentier instant potato in Belgium
1974 - launch of Madame Parmentier in France
1975 - launch of Ambera rice in Belgium/relaunch of Uncle Ben's rice in the Netherlands
1978 - launch of Uncle Ben's flavored rices in the US
1982 - Mars' entry into frozen foods
1984 - launch of Perdue prepared products
1986 - Personal Investment instruments for Citibank in Brazil
1990 - Procurement cards for Citibank
1995 - new Internet services for CompuServe/AOL
1997 - launch of high-speed data, digital video, IP telephony and first use to the consumer of "broadband" in the USA
1999 - launch of Reliant Energy and Reliant Telecommunications in the US
2001 - move from client/server to Internet based Remedy Suite
2002 - software deployment application for Appstream/Citrix named top software by Forrester
2009 - Wise Window wins Bronze Edison Award for Innovation
2010 - RetailNext nominee and finalist for Edison Awards
2011 - AirOPack wins Silver Edison Award for Innovation

2016 Venture Clash winners - Amp Credit Technologies

2017 Venture Clash winners - FRISS; Davra Networks

2018 Venture Clash winners - Paygilant; CloudPKI

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