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Max Brand Equity Creates Superior Value Growth for Companies

CEO Perspective on Challenges and Opportunities for Startups and Growth Companies


Our key is relevant experience. While many organizations devise strategies, few execute them effectively.  Companies are most successful when they employ optimal thinking to formulate strategy, enable innovation, and monitor experienced optimized execution. Max Brand Equity brings these components to every employee and organizational issue while developing custom optimum solutions.

About Richard

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As a former CEO of a global Fortune 500 company and experienced with over 2,000 startups, which received over $250 million in funding, I have the skills and experience to best grow businesses. While many organizations devise strategies, few execute them effectively. Max Brand Equity brings the discipline to enable startups and growth companies to succeed.

I have a world beating record of successful innovation - CEO of a Fortune 500 company, CMO of other Fortune 500 companies, top Corporate Development Executive, and, additionally, spent over 27 years engaged with successful startups and growth companies in many industries, as founder, investor, Board member, CEO, and advisor, I can shave months or years off your path to success by sharing custom advice and pointing to valuable resources.


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